Roon: The biggest music listening innovation in years

Roon offers music lovers an immersive music discovery tool, compatibility with the gear they already own, and the ability to listen to music in the highest sound quality possible

New York, NY – Roon Labs, the world’s most innovative platform for listening to and exploring the music you love, offers users a way to engage with their music collection in a way not available anywhere else. Working with over 1,000 audio devices from over 200 different brands, Roon is an established heavyweight in hi-fi. But for those learning about Roon for the first time, its vast offerings can be distilled into three key offerings: An immersive user experience, compatibility between your music sources and the gear through which you choose to play it, and the ability to extract the best possible sound quality from your audio gear.

The ultimate music expert
Roon brings all of your music together, files and streams, in one easy to use interface, and provides an immersive experience tailored for everyone in your home. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then interconnected by links to build a surfable, searchable gallery of your music collection. Unlike the predictable feedback loop that so many services follow, Roon is different. The more you use it, the better Roon understands your listening habits, across your streaming sources, to present the world of music through a lens personalized just for you.

Roon plays all of your music on every device
Roon connects your entire digital music library to the gear through which you choose to play it, offering seamless interoperability. It joins the disparate dots of your listening ecosystem and gives you the convenience to control everything in a single app.

With Roon, you are not confined to a single brand family, but rather it integrates all of your disparate audio gear with support for thousands of Roon Ready, AirPlay, Chromecast, and USB devices—it is the only solution available to those seeking to multi-room their assorted streamers and wireless speakers.

Those that do have Roon Ready devices—available through hundreds of partner brands including Cambridge Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Elac, and Bluesound—will find simple setup, reliability, and support for the highest level of digital audio performance in the industry. Roon is a transformation in the way music lovers engage with and listen to their music. Instead of being locked into the limitations set by each streaming service or piece of gear, Roon uniquely gives its users full control over how they navigate through the otherwise staggering volume of music available in today’s digital universe.

Get the best possible sound quality from your audio gear
Anytime you play music through the Roon app, Roon works as a conduit that ties all of your inputs (i.e., music files and streaming services) and outputs (i.e., streamers and speakers) under one app, dramatically streamlining and optimizing the signal path and sound quality. Without Roon, the user would need to individually adjust the limited settings of each input to correspond to the particular tolerances of their output devices and never really know if the result was optimized. With bit-perfect playback, exhaustive format support and powerful DSP, Roon gets the best possible sound quality from your audio gear. It is also the world’s only end-to-end MQA (high-resolution streaming) support, even those without MQA-capable hardware.

“We created Roon to delight people with a passion for music and sound. By combining a browsing experience designed for music lovers with support for high-resolution playback on over a thousand audio products, Roon is the music player that definitively meets the need of music fanatics,” said Roon founder, Enno Vandermeer.



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